Heart Motion Phantom “ALPHA SERIES” simulates cardiac motion by a rubber tube which is swelled and withered with iodinated contrast material or air or other liquid.
Iodinated contrast material or air or other liquid is controlled by a piston which is driven by SERVOMOTOR.


A basic models the ALPHA series.


The most compact models in the ALPHA series.


It is the perfect shape to mock examination in the MRI and CT.


This software is used to control the ALPHA 1-VT PC on your computer.


Comparison of Heart Motion Phantom’s Specifications

Product/Item ALPHA 1-VTPC ALPHA Compact Advanced
Programming ×
Number of setting points 400
Number of presetting 25
Touch panel
Operation control Servo Cum and timer,other
Use/No Use of ALPHA PC ×
Number of chamber 1 1
Cyilinder caliber 80 100
Max cyilinder stroke 110 40
Inner diameter of acryl tank 200 160
Heart rate available for operation 160 155
ECG Interface
Note Software ALPHA PC comes with.

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