Precautions when using pump etc.

EC-1/EC-2 About pressure management at the time of use

Many of the causes of PHANTOM breakage and water leakage while using the EC – 1 and EC – 2 are due to the too high pressure in the PHANTOM section. And as many of the causes of too high pressure are to try to increase the flow rate without loosening the return valve as explained below.
Please confirm the following contents carefully, please use the pump as trouble free.

Basic configuration

The amount of water flowing through the PHANTOM section and the pressure of the PHANTOM section vary with the following factors.

  1. Discharge amount of PUMP
  2. Resistance of flow path from PUMP to PHANTOM
  3. Resistance of PHANTOM section
  4. Resistance of flow path from PHANTOM to RETURN VALVE
  5. Resistance of RETURN VALVE(Variable according to the opening of VALVE)

If the resistance of the flow path is constant, as the main cause that the pressure rises during use, it is possible to increase the discharge amount of PUMP and the resistance of RETURN VALVE.
When increasing the output of PUMP for the purpose of increasing flow rate / flow rate, the pressure will increase about 4 times when doubling the flow rate.
Ignoring an increase in pressure while narrowing the RETURN VALVE, if you increase the flow rate, it will exceed the breakdown voltage of PHANTOM and cause breakage and water leakage.
At this time opening RETURN VALVE reduces the resistance of RETURN VALVE so that the pressure will not rise by that much, and it is possible to prevent damage to PHANTOM and water leak to some extent.

In order to increase the flow rate / flow rate without raising the pressure as much as possible, it is necessary to reduce the flow resistance to PHANTOM and the flow resistance from PHANTOM to TANK as much as possible.
For that purpose, in addition to adjusting RETURN VALVE, you can think of a way to make the flow tube etc. thick, remove RETURN VALVE, and so on.

Usage notes

Fruid Tank
When increasing the flow rate / flow rate, please open the return valve so that the pressure does not rise too much.
When operating the return valve, loosen the lock nut, turn the knob on the top to adjust, and tighten the lock nut after the adjustment.
Turn the knob to the left, the valve opens, the pressure decreases and the flow rate increases.