Privacy Policy

When Fuyo Corporation needs to collect private customer data from which a customer can be identified such as customer name, home address, e-mail address or telephone number, Fuyo properly respects confidentiality of those data and clarifies to customers the purpose of the data collection and also discloses, if necessary, a person or organization to which those customer data may be provided.

1. Use of collected data and materials
Fuyo uses private customer data to send goods or catalogues and to answer/analyze inquiries.
Also, Fuyo shall be able to use collected data or materials from which a customer can be identified as stipulated in the corresponding article in this Privacy Policy.

2. Provision of collected data
Fuyo shall never intentionally provide to the third party any of the private customer data from which a customer can be identified except for any of the following three cases.

  • In case the data disclosure is required by law.
  • In case the data source customer agrees that the data will be provided to the third party.
  • In case Fuyo entrusts outside companies to process the collected data and needs to provide them with some information for their work.

3. Security
Fuyo shall take every measure to prevent loss, damage or leakage of the collected customer data.