Company Profile

Hyper Convenient Company
Fuyo Corporation, as Hyper Convenient Company, is committed to offering solutions to every kind of needs from providing parts/materials, to developing, exporting and importing systems. Fuyo’s expertise will surely help you improve and develop your business.

Company Name Fuyo Corporation
President Munekuni Sato
Capital 10 million yen
Founded April, 1956
Headquarters 〒188-0014 Shibakubo-cho 1-13-13, Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo
Tel:042-462-3721 Fax:042-462-8861
Quality Control Center 〒188-0014 Mukaidai-cho 6-18-46, Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo
Tel:042-462-0073 Fax:042-462-3431
Delivery Center 〒188-0014 Shibakubo-cho 2-10-3, Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo