This software is designed to control pulsating cardiac phantom ALPHA 1-VTPC via personal computer.

Major features

  • 150 preset patterns from 20BPM to 169BPM
  • 68 preset patterns of arrhythmia
  • 6 preset patterns simulating clinical data
  • 54 preset patterns for EF measurement
  • Heart rate patterns graphically editable
  • Heart rate automatic adjustable feature for writing heart rate patterns
  • Every heart rate pattern can be freely changed under design mode
  • A written pattern can be reserved with a certain name for reuse
PC Graph1
PC Gamen1
PC Gamen2
PC Gamen3
PC Gamen4
PC Graph2


Operation environment
OS Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98
Hard disk capacity More than 100MB
Preset HR 150 patterns, 20BPM-169BPM
3-point pattern
Preset arrhythmia 68 patterns 3-point pattern
Combined arrhythmia 150 preset patterns can be combined. Up to 133 patterns can be combined.
3-point pattern.
Clinical data simulation 6 preset patterns with sample volume wave form
EF preset pattern 54 ways of combined preset patterns

  • The previous types of the pulsating cardiac phantom can be upgraded to be used with ALPHA PC.
  • As for the upgrade from ALPHA 1-VT, the alteration of the control box is needed.
  • As for the upgrade from ALPHA 1, the purchase of the control box is needed.

*The appearance of a product, specification, etc. may be changed without a preliminary announcement.