PULSATING CARDIAC PHATOM ALPHA 1-VTPC is an ideal phantom to quantitatively evaluate cardiac image diagnoses taken by MDCT.
This phantom simulates cardiac motion by a rubber tube into and from which contrast agent or the like is poured or withdrawn by apiston inside the cylinder.

Major features

  • Simulates well an array of ventricular movements Fast filling, Slow filling, Fast pumping, Slow pumping
  • Simulates well rapid pulse ventricular movements without slow filling
  • Variable rubber size (equivalent of ventricle size)
  • Simulates well changes in ventricular volume by changing stroke length of the piston
  • Simulates well arrhythmia patterns such as D2.5, D5, D10 and D32
  • Easy to design various ventricular movements
  • Various evaluations possible on coronary artery by standard mock coronary phantom
Please watch the demonstration movie.



ALPHA 1-VTPC specification
Power AC100V-120V
Motor capacity 200W
ECG interface DC 0-50mV, Trimmer 25 rot.
Control method Servo control
No. of point data 400
No. of preset patterns 24, 40BPM-120BPM (including 7 arrhythmia patterns)
Data rewriting Via touch panel
No. of chambers 1
Cylinder stroke 110mm
Cylinder diameter 80mm
Coordinate value & transfer distance 10mm distance at coordinate 400
Movable stand Optional
Size Main body : 816x285x367mm
Size Control box : 372x292x255mm
Software ALPHA PC
Option Dedicated aluminum trunk

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