This is a device that simulates cardiac movements by simultaneously activating two pistons in a double cylinder by a motor and cams to let contrast agent or radioactive substance into and out of a special rubber bag.
Major features

  • Simulates movements of cardiac muscles and ventricles by a special rubber bag with a two-layer structure.
  • Enables mock tests of SPECT or CT with agent contained in a double cyinder.
  • Can change a contraction rate of a special rubber bag by selecting a different stroke length of a double cylinder.(Stroke range:0-40mm)
  • Can select by one touch any of pulsation patterns that include 6 types of clinical data.
  • Can manually change HR(heart rate).(Range:3-164 bpm)
  • Compact structure that consolidates a control part, driving part and phantom.
  • Lead shield is fitted between a phantom and a control part to reduce effects of scattered X-ray.
  • Heart part tilted some 30 degrees against body axis.
  • Possible to attach missing heart muscle.

SPECT image


QGS processed image


*This phanton has been developed jointly with Onoguchi Research Office of Kanazawa University, Radiology Dept. of Sumitomo Hospital and Fuyo Corporation.