Vessel Phantom

This is a coronary artery phantom that enables simulation of various conditions of coronary artery by attaching to cardiac pulsating phantoms in ALPHA series.

Major Features

  • Accurate inner diameter
  • various shape, material strictures insertible
  • Stent insertible
  • Strictures can stay inside stent

Vessel Phantom

vessel 1
vessel 1
vessel 2

About Coronary Artery Vessel Phantom

There are no specific standard accessories available for Coronary Phantom.
All necessary accessories are custom-made and tailored to each researchユs purpose.
As we can only provide a pamphlet as simple as you can see on our Web site, let me explain the details of the product here.
Mock coronary arteries are made up primarily of acryl (100HU) and transparent ABS (40HU) carved pipes.
The length of pipes used for our Pulsating Cardiac Phantom is mainly 50mm.
The inner and outer diameters for acryl pipes are chosen at your discretion.
As the material of ABS transparent pipe limits its maximum outer diameter to 6.4mm, be sure to choose any diameter less than that.
The minimum thickness of both pipes is limited to 0.1mm or 0.2mm.
Given its strength, the thickness of 1.0mm is usually recommended for use.
The inner diameter is determined depending on the size of such things as plaque model and/or stent which are to be inserted into the mock coronary arteries.
The mock coronary arteries involve not only ordinary-shaped pipes but also other pipes which branch on the way and/or pipes whose diameters vary on the way.

Regarding lesion as well, we are pleased to make any type of product matching your research theme.

As for stenosis, there are numerous combinations from the factors such as shape (crescent, circle, lopsided circle, no fixed shape, etc.), stenosis rate, stenosis CT value (soft plaque, calcification, etc.) and size.
Also, we can make other lesions such as the one that fits in a mock vessel or the one that goes into/out a mock vessel.
We can make stent insertion and re-stenosis inside stent as well.
We have developed pulsating aneurysm.

We have been and are making efforts to realize whatever you demand, however difficult it would be.
Please feel free to contact us for any information.
*The appearance of a product, specification, etc. may be changed without a preliminary announcement.