Structure of this phantom is designed to present branching of coronary artery.
It is easy to change concentration of liquid contained inside mock coronary artery.
As coronary artery is embedded inside mock cardiac muscle, movements of ventricle and coronary artery are synchronized.
It is possible to send blood flow in synch with movement of ventricle.
This model can be used for various basic evaluations in coronary artery CT exams.
As transparent material is used, it is somewhat possible to see what is happening inside a mock coronary artery.

How to use

  • Attach a flange part to a cardiac phantom (like ALPHA 1-VTPC or the like), drive a ventricle part and then connect a coronary artery with an external synchronization pulsating pump (like ALPHA FLOW EC-1 or the like) for operation.
  • Attach a feed-through, if necessary, to use other deviceslike catheter.
  • Creating a stricture or inserting a stent inside a coronary artery is possible but should be avoided, if possible, as it is difficult to retrieve them afterward.


Control part Coronary artery flow pump & control part Phantom driving part PFCP-1


Synchronization between ventricle and mock coronary artery

○With mock cardiac muscle
PFCP-1 図−1

○Without mock cardiac muscle
PFCP-1 図−2

Provided by Radiation Div. of Tokyo Women’s Medical University East Medical Center


In combination with the pulsating flow pump system ALPHA FLOW series, etc., you can experiment with a variety of pulsating flow patterns.


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