Perfusion Phantom is designed to simulate flows that move from artery to vein. With an MRI study, a labelling area can be set. Also, more natural flows can be created by setting a rubber around the phantom.
1-chamber type

2-chamber type (with labelling area)
2-chamber type (with labelling area rubber)
Major features

  • Very small beads are used for tissue part. In addition, plastic pellets or foamed plastic filter can be used.
  • Several tubes with extremely small holes that serve as artery and vein are set contiguously.
  • Shape and size can be changed.
  • By connecting with a Fuyo’s pulsating pump, tests can be done with various flow volumes, pulses and pulsating patterns.


In combination with the pulsating flow pump system ALPHA FLOW series, etc., you can experiment with a variety of pulsating flow patterns.


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