Replicates Z-axis shift, screwing movement in assessing capability of depicting coronary artery by MDCT ECG synchronizing pulse output
This equipment is designed to simulate coronary arteries that function along with a heart by activating a mock coronary phantom attached between two rings to be operated by a motor and cams.

Major Features

  • Reproduces vividly an array of ventricular movements during periods of fast inflow, slow inflow, fast outflow and slow outflow.
  • Simulates well ventricular movements during a period of tachycardia (disappearance of slow inflow).
  • Shows clearly patterns of arrhythmia such as D5 and D10.
  • Enables prescriptions of various movements in an easy manner.
  • Makes possible a wide assessment of coronary arteries by attaching an optional mock coronary phantom.
  • A compact structure that consolidates a controller, driving part and phantom.


Coronary Artery Part
mocomo ph1
ECG Pulse Emission Control
mocomo ph1
HR (Heart Rate) Control
mocomo ph2

With MOCOMO 1 ADVANCED EXT90, a change in ventricular volume can be made with a pattern close to clinical data.Also, an arrhythmia pattern can be created by choosing a volume from four settings.

tank FIG

Please watch the demonstration movie.


Power AC100V-110V
Motor capacity 60W
Control method Speed control induction motor
Heart rate 0BPM-150BPM
Small Ring Diameter 50mm, Rotation angle 15 degrees
Large Ring Diameter 120mm, Rotation angle 15 degrees Z-axis transfer 20mm
ECG Interface DC: 0-50mV, Trimmer: 25 degrees
Battery 006P 9V
Size 800mm (890mm for EXT90) x 250mm x 310mm
Option Dedicated aluminum trunk
MOCOMO has been developed by the joint research between Johns Hopkins University and Fuyo Corporation.
Designed by Dr. Armin Arbab-Zadeh MD, John Hopkins University, USA.

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