This is an epoch-making circulatory pump made by combining a pump unit with a one-way valve to pulsating cardiac phantom ALPHA 1-VTPC.

As ALPHA 1-VTPC can change volume of ventricle with various patterns, the system can circulate pulsating flow as if it comes from a real heart. Though there is a specific pattern of pulsating flow for each body part, the system makes it possible to simulate any of those patterns.
There are two ways of simulation.
One; Disgorging patterns from the pump are matched with each pulsating pattern.
Another; Each pulsating pattern is simulated with complicated flow path and a certain fixed disgorging pattern (ordinary disgorging pattern from heart) from the pump.

CP Photo1
Remove a rubber attaching part from ALPHA 1-VTPC and then connect heart-type pump unit HCP-VT to it for simulation.


CP Photo1
As the system can be synchronized with a pulsating cardiac phantom, more realistic simulation of coronary artery is possible. Other applications like aneurysm may be possible as well. Also, a less expensive heart-type circulatory pump can be realized by attaching ALPHA 1-VTPC.

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