This device simulates the flow of blood of aorta by moving a piston by a motor and a cam.

Major features

  • Compact structure that consolidates the control part, driving part and pump unit.
  • ECG pulse available.
  • Preset patterns that employ 6 types of clinical data can be selected by one touch.
  • Heart rate can be manually selected between 3 bpm and 164 bpm.
  • Stroke can be changed between 0 mm and 40 mm.
HR Photo1
HR photo2
As ALPHA Compact can change volume of ventricle with six types of preset patterns from clinical data, the system can easily circulate pulsating flows that are supposed to come from heart. Thereare two ways of simulation.
One; Disgorging patterns from the pump are matched with each pulsating pattern. Another; Each pulsating pattern is simulated with complicated flow path and a certain fixed disgorging pattern (ordinary disgorging pattern from heart) from the pump.
HR Photo1
Since ALPHA FLOW HCP – HR is compatible with the pump for HEARTROID, it can be incorporated directly into the HEARTROID system. It is possible to change the discharge port of the pump to a normal hose nipple and connect it to various systems.
*HEARTROID is a product of collaboration between Osaka University and JMC Corporation and FUYO Corporation., which is released from JMC Corporation.