This is an epoch-making circulatory pump made by combining a pump unit with a one-way valve to pulsating cardiac phantom ALPHA Compact.

As ALPHA Compact can change volume of ventricle with six types of preset patterns from clinical data, the system can easily circulate pulsating flows that are supposed to come from heart.
There are two ways of simulation.
One; Disgorging patterns from the pump are matched with each pulsating pattern.
Another; Each pulsating pattern is simulated with complicated flow path and a certain fixed disgorging pattern (ordinary disgorging pattern from heart) from the pump.

CP Photo1
Remove a rubber attaching part from ALPHA Compact and then connect heart-type pump unit HCP-CP to it.


CP Photo1
As the system can be synchronized with a pulsating cardiac phantom, more realistic simulation of coronary artery is possible. Other applications like aneurysm may be possible as well. Also, a less expensive heart-type circulatory pump can be realized by attaching ALPHA COMPACT.

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