This is the innovative circulatory pump that combines the pulsating heart phantom,
ALPHA 1- VTPC and the pump unit with the one-way valve.

Since ALPHA 1- VTPC provides various patterns of ventricle volume change, this pump can circulate liquid (water) as if it was being put into circulation by real heart.

Though each part of the body shows its specific circulation pattern, this pump can simulate each of those various patterns.

There are two ways to simulate the circulations. One way is to match the ejecting pattern from the pump with the circulation pattern of each part. The other way is to keep the ejecting pattern from the pump constant (normal heart pattern) and simulate the circulation pattern of each part by complicating circulation routes.

Since this pump can be synchronized with the heart pulsating phantom, more real simulation of coronary arteries is possible. Other applications involve aneurysm or the like.

Also, when attached to ALPHA COMPACT, this pump instantly becomes an inexpensive heart-type circulatory pump.

Please watch the demonstration movie

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