Versatile Type PULSATING FLOW PUMP ALPHA FLOW EC-1/EC-2/EC-8 is a pump system that can generate both the steady flow and pulsating flow.
This system is designed for medical experiment.ECG pulse signal can be used forECG-gated imaging method.

EC SERIES can be operated by a tablet that is included in the kit.
The dedicated application allows an operator to turn on/off the steady flow or the pulsating flow, to increase or decrease the disgorging volume, to add or reduce BPM (beats per minute) and to change the pulsating pattern.


EC SERIES is fitted with an external pressure sensor as a standard to gauge the disgorging pressure.
The pressure figure is digitally displayed and the change in pressure is displayed on a graph in real time. When the pressure is not shown as zero in the stationary mode, adjust it to zero by a calibration button that is to be displayed in that situation.


Synchronizing pulse signals can be sent to ECG as an external output, which is a standard feature. It can be used for CT and MRI as well.

Input/output circuits are optionally available.
Please contact us for details.



Size(mm) D250 X W240 X H105
(H190 Including tank)
D250 X W240 X H105
(H190 Including tank)
D268 X W310 X H156
Weight 3.2kg 3.2kg 6.0kg

Mechanical Specs

Control part Dedicated apps ‘FYC EC-1′ or ‘FYC EC-2’ or ‘FYC EC-8’ is available for tablet.
Pump part Pump disgorging volume (no load):
Maximum 1,000ml/min (EC-1)
Maximum 2,000ml/min (EC-2)
Maximum 8,000ml/min (EC-8)
Pump disgorging pressure (controlled by internal pressure sensor):
Maximum 360mmHg (EC-1)
Maximum 750mmHg (EC-2)
Maximum 3750mmHg (EC-8)
Temperature for pump use:
50C (controlled by internal pressure sensor)
Tank volume:
500cc (There is no tank attached to the EC-8)

ECG pulse output electrode

Power specs

Tablet DC5V (battery charger, AC100V-240V)
Pump DC24V (AC adaptor, AC100V-240V ) 23W

Control specs

Steady Flow 1% increment from 0% to 100%
Pulsatile Flow High output (1st): Pump output 1% increment from 0% to 100%
Low output (2nd): Pump output 1% increment from 0% to 100%
Duration of high output 5% increment from 0% to 100% for one cycle
BPM setting 10BPM increment from 20BPM to 200BPM
Be careful that the pressure sensor in this kit is no accurately calibrated.

*Photos show prototype models. Tablet screen is artificially inserted.