ALPHA C_arm is an electrically operable arm to which a commercially available video camera or CCD camera can be attached to rotate an object horizontally or vertically and view it from any angle.
Perspective imaging can be simulated using C-arm of angiography equipment.
As the continual operation is possible using an optional automatic operation program, this device can be used for unmanned viewing of the object from various angles.

Note: A camera and the pulsating aneurysm simulator FB-1 are not included in the product kit.

Rotation interlock: The device is fitted with an interlock that can stop a horizontal or vertical rotation at any position. A movable stopper can be set at any position depending on the positional relationship between the device and the object.
Note: If the interlock is not set properly, a camera or the arm may hit the object. Pay due attention to the horizontal or vertical rotation lest a collision occurs.
Option: Aneurysm stand


Control unit (Prototype)
Remote control unit (Prototype)


Power voltage AC100V
Wattage 30W

Arm unit

Dimension 460mm (length) x 370mm (width) x 455mm (height)
Weight 10kg (excluding a camera)

Control unit

Dimension 250mm (length) x 180mm (width) x 130mm (height)

Remote control unit

Dimension 120mm (length) x 90mm (width) x 130mm (height)

Horizontal rotation

Rotation range 300degrees (maximum)
Rotation speed 2.5degrees/sec.(low)

Vertical rotation

Rotation range 330degrees (maximum)
Rotation speed 2.5degrees/sec.(low)

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