The aneurysm phantom system, ARSM PR-1, sends the pulsating flow whose wave forms are controlled into the mock aneurysm phantom placed in the acryl unit and allows CT, MRI or angiography to view the movement of aneurysm.
Contrast agent can be used for this system with the external tank unit.
A pump and a tank can be easily combined with other products than below.

System Configuration
●Control Unit, ALPHA FC PR-1
This unit allows you to prescribe pulse rates and pulsating flows.

●Pump Unit, ALPHA FLOW SP-1
This unit allows you to control the flow volume.

●Pump Unit, ALPHA FLOW EC-1, 2
This unit allows you to control prescribed flow volume for heart rate and pulsating flow patterns.

●Tank Unit, AC TANK PR-1
A set of a tank filled with new liquid and a tank filled with waste liquid mixed with contrast agent.

●Acryl Unit, ACU PR-1
This unit enables the setup of the mock coronary artery. It can be filled with water.

●Mock Aneurysm Phantom
Mock sample is attached. Sample can be made according to the specs. (Optional)


This system does not include the instruments like instant flow volume meter or instant pressure meter necessary to monitor wave forms of pulsating flows and pressure change.

*The appearance of a product, specification, etc. may be changed without a preliminary announcement.