*QSP-3D-ALT is a product developed jointly by Fuyo, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital and Beijing Hospital.
Quantitative Standard Pulsating Phantom QSP-3DALT is a quantitative phantom developed for assesssment of spectral imaging and dual energy imaging of CT that simulates behavior of an organ. Also, it enables quantitative assessment of beam hardening artifact.

A phantom part moves upward, downward, forward,backward, rightward and leftward driven by a motor. The movement is controlled by six preset patterns(simulated breathing and simulated ventricle behavior)as well as manually.
The phantom part is made up of pp and it can hold up to nine small containers inside.Various substances like contrast agent can be put into those small containers in a fixed amount. Nine small containers each of which has an inner diameter of 18mm are available as standard. Containers with smaller inner diameters are optionally available (Inner diameter smaller than 0.5mm is OK).

The movement can be switched between 2D and 3D modes by a knob. With 2D mode, the movement is limited to upward and downward like QSP-1. With 3D mode, the phantom moves upward, downward, forward, backward, rightward and leftward.
Pulsation synchronizing pulses can be output with an ECG interface.

The upward and downward movement can be controlled by a cam between 0 and ±24mm stroke. The phantom moves forward, backward, rightward and leftward in proportion to the upward and downward movement.


Voltage AC100V-120V
Wattage 70W
Size 565mm×272mm×h316mm
Weight 24kg (with PP phantom part)

Movement specifications

Up/Down stroke 0±24mm (adjustable)
Right/Left stroke 0±9mm (proportional to Up/Down)
Back/Forth 0±9mm (proportional to Up/Down)
Number of breathing movements 5rpm(preset pattern)
10rpm(preset pattern)
3~134rpm(manual, sine pattern)
Number of pulsation movements 40bpm(preset pattern)
50bpm(preset pattern)
60bpm(preset pattern)
70bpm(preset pattern)
3~134bpm(manual, sine pattern)

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