This pump system can send the ordinary flow and pulsating flow to the artery phantom and aneurysm phantom. The system is controlled by another unit, ALPHA FC PR-1.

Major features

  • The system controls a built-in gear pump and two solenoid valves to repeatedly produce accurate pulsating flows.
  • The precision valve can control very small amount of flow.
  • Wave form of the pulsating flow can be changed in many ways by the setting of the controller timer.
  • The pressure can be adjusted by the valve.
  • The internal circulation tank or the external circulation waste tank(optional) is available.
  • Pump speed can be changed by the potentiometer.



Connection with ALPHA FC PR-1
Other options
Pressure buffer unit, PBU PR-1.
This unit can smooth the pressure change in the flow path.


Specs of solenoid valve
Power voltage DC24V
Specs of gear pump
Power voltage DC24V
Watt 28.8W
Maximum flow 1.65L/min
Standard disgorge pressure Under 0.2MPa

This system does not include the instruments like instant flow volume meter or instant pressure meter necessary to monitor wave forms of pulsating flows and pressure change.

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