Portable PULSATING FLOW PUMP ALPHA FLOW EC-1 is a pump system that can generate both the steady flow and pulsating flow. Although EC-1 was originally designed for medical tests,this unit can be used for other purposes as well.

EC-1 can be operated by a tablet that is included in the kit.
The dedicated application allows an operator to turn on/off the steady flow or the pulsating flow, to increase or decrease the disgorging volume, to add or reduce BPM (beats per minute) and to change the pulsating pattern.


EC-1 is fitted with an external pressure sensor as a standard to gauge the disgorging pressure. The pressure figure is digitally displayed and the change in pressure is displayed on a graph in real time. When the pressure is not shown as zero in the stationary mode, adjust it to zero by a calibration button that is to be displayed in that situation.

Synchronizing pulse signals can be sent to ECG as an external output, which is a standard feature. It can be used for CT and MRI as well.

Input/output circuits are optionally available. Please contact us for details.


Mechanical Specs

Control part Dedicated apps‘FYC EC-1’is available for tablet.
Pump part Pump disgorging volume: Maximum 1,000ml/m.(no load)
Pump disgorging pressure: Maximum 360mmHg (controlled by internal pressure sensor)
Temperature for pump use: 50C (controlled by internal pressure sensor)
Tank volume: 500cc
ECG pulse output electrode

Power specs

Tablet DC5V (battery charger, AC100V-240V)
Pump DC24V (AC adaptor, AC100V-240V ) 23W

Control specs

Steady Flow 1% increment from 0% to 100%
Pulsatile Flow High output (1st): Pump output 1% increment from 0% to 100%
Low output (2nd): Pump output 1% increment from 0% to 100%
Duration of high output 5% increment from 0% to 100% for one cycle
BPM setting 10BPM increment from 20BPM to 200BPM


Be careful that the pressure sensor in this kit is no accurately calibrated.

*Photos show prototype models. Tablet screen is artificially inserted.